Locating the right orthodontist for you or your child is an important life decision. You deserve a doctor with trained expertise and experience who will provide the best possible care in a comfortable environment (at an affordable price)! Here’s a few things we suggest you look for when searching for orthodontic services!

  1. Experience & Qualifications

Orthodontic treatment requires the skills and expertise of a trained, professional orthodontist. If you’re considering seeking out orthodontic treatment, be sure to find out the qualifications and expertise your orthodontist has. Dr. Pavlik received his Doctor of Dental Medicine from the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine in 2003 and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (C.A.G.S) in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics from Jacksonville University Dental School of Orthodontics in 2005.

Dr. Pavlik is also an active member of the American Association of Orthodontists and is a member of the American Dental Association!

  1. Top-Level Support Staff

While your orthodontist is responsible for your overall treatment plan, they most certainly don’t work alone! An ideal orthodontist will be fully supported by a team of friendly, trained professionals who will also play an important role in your orthodontic journey. Take a moment to learn more about the expert support staff of Treatment Coordinators and Clinical Assistants at Pavlik Orthodontics.

  1. Scope of Treatment Options

Ongoing developments in orthodontic technology make for constant advancements and additions to the treatment methods that are available on the market. They may not all be suitable for your specific case, but it’s important to find out what your orthodontist has available and what treatments you could potentially benefit from at an initial consultation prior to starting treatment. However, prior to booking a consultation, take a look at your orthodontic practice’s website to find out what treatments are on offer. This will enable you to ask informed questions of your treatment options when the opportunity arises.

  1. Cost & Payments

As most people know, professional orthodontic treatment is a significant financial investment. Before you make the important health decision to embark on treatment, make sure you have received a full, up-front quote detailing all fees that involved in your initial care. At Pavlik Orthodontics, we are committed to making quality dental care affordable and accessible for our clients. We accept all major dental insurance plans and will happily set up low monthly payment schedules that work within your budget.

  1. Consultations

Deciding where to seek out orthodontic treatment is not a decision to be made lightly. In addition to the time investment and cost, the impact treatment can have on your lifestyle should also be considered; it’s important to be fully informed before making your decision. This is why Pavlik Orthodontics offers a FREE consultation to all new clients. Together, we’ll review your medical history, assess your orthodontic needs and talk about treatment goals and options.