Here at Pavlik Orthodontics, we receive a lot of questions about the different types of braces that are available on the market. And, because Invisalign® is quickly growing in popularity, it is one of the most frequently asked about products and services that we provide. In response, our professional team of oral health experts have put together this quick and easy FAQ guide to give you the lowdown and help you learn all about Invisalign®.


Q: What exactly is Invisalign®?

A: Invisalign® is an effective method for straightening teeth that uses a series of clear, nearly invisible aligners to slowly shift teeth into place. Aligners are worn for about two weeks each, until, over time, the final desired position of teeth is achieved. Individual Invisalign® treatment time will vary and is determined by your orthodontist and your specific oral needs.


Q: Why is Invisalign® so popular? What are the benefits?

A: Many people enjoy the fact that Invisalign® aligners are basically clear, making them very difficult to detect. Also, unlike traditional braces, Invisalign® aligners are removable. This allows patients to eat and drink whatever they’d like, as well as engage in sports and play musical instruments that can be challenging with standard braces. Finally, there are no metal brackets or metal wires involved in the Invisalign® system. This reduces mouth soreness and time spent in the doctor’s chair, which many people find highly appealing.


Q: If a person is already wearing traditional or ceramic braces, can they make the switch to the Invisalign® system?

A: Orthodontists nationwide, including at Pavlik, are currently treating a significant number of patients using a combination of braces and Invisalign®. To find out the best treatment for you, simply talk to your doctor.


Q: How do I properly care for my Invisalign® aligners?

A: Aligners can be cared for by simply brushing them and rinsing them in warm water after each use.


Q: What occurs following effective treatment of Invisalign® to prevent teeth from moving out of place again?

A: Many orthodontists will recommend the use of a retainer for patients who have completed Invisalign® treatment. This will prevent teeth from gradually moving out of place. Some patients may not need to use a retainer, so it’s important to discuss your individual case with your doctor.


Q: How much does Invisalign® treatment cost, and will it be covered under my insurance policy?

A: As common as this question is, unfortunately the only true answer is that it depends completely on your situation. You can schedule a free consultation at Pavlik Orthodontics to go over your options and determine if Invisalign® is a fit for you, as well as whether your insurance will cover the costs.
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