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The Truth About Braces and Band

One of the questions we frequently receive from concerned parents at Pavlik Orthodontics is whether or not a child who plays an instrument will still be able to do [...]

Surprising Facts About the Origins of Orthodontics

Many people have had braces, or some type of orthodontic treatment, at one point in their lives. But very few know even a single fact about the (surprisingly fascinating) [...]

How Having Orthodontic Treatment Improves Happiness

In the past, Pavlik Orthodontics has posted an array of blog posts outlining different orthodontic treatment options available on the market, as well as their various benefits to your [...]

Breaking Down the Pros and Cons of Flossing and Waterpiks

Good oral hygiene habits are vital to the prevention of tartar buildup, cavities and serious gum disease that can lead to decay and even tooth loss. As many people [...]

Finding Love Through a Better Smile?

For those looking to land a romantic partner, it turns out that a great set of pearly whites can make all the difference. According to a recent online survey [...]

All About Invisalign®

Here at Pavlik Orthodontics, we receive a lot of questions about the different types of braces that are available on the market. And, because Invisalign® is quickly growing in [...]

Understanding Orthodontics: What Can it Do for Me?

What Exactly is the Practice of Orthodontics? The field of Orthodontics is a specialization of dentistry that focuses on correcting irregularities with teeth positioning and jaw alignment, as well [...]

Think Teeth Are Boring? Think Again!

Unless you have an annoying toothache, are scheduling your next orthodontic or dental appointment, or are in the oral care profession, then chances are you don’t usually think too [...]

Surprising Ways Smiling Improves Your Life

Here’s something to beam about: according to recent research, flashing your pearly whites makes you look younger, feel less stressed and more upbeat and can even help you to [...]