When it comes to your kids, it’s never too early to promote responsible dental habits that will help them to prioritize healthy, life-long oral care. In fact, many studies have proven that children who grow up with parents that emphasize good oral hygiene, a healthy diet and regularly scheduled dental and orthodontic appointments enjoy considerably better oral health throughout their lives compared with those who receive little instruction at home.

This likely comes as no surprise, as anyone with children knows how important it is to teach them healthy routines and habits (even when they struggle against it!). What may be more surprising is the age that it is recommended for children to begin to visit the dentist regularly and receive their first orthodontic evaluation. Many people mistakenly believe that because children’s baby teeth are eventually replaced by a new set, they don’t need to be seen by a dentist before their adult teeth grow in. In truth, professionals recommend that kids be taken for their first dental appointment 6 months after the appearance of their first tooth to check for any potential problems.

Orthodontic consultations are also important for early detection purposes. Although most children will not need actual treatment or braces until they are somewhere in their early teens, the recommended age for a first consultation is around seven years old. This is because orthodontics is all about modifying jaw growth, so having a professional check to identify skeletal causes of crooked teeth early on will help them to plan properly for your child’s future care and ensure a beautiful smile later on.

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