In the past, Pavlik Orthodontics has posted an array of blog posts outlining different orthodontic treatment options available on the market, as well as their various benefits to your health. What is less widely discussed, however, is the positive impact receiving orthodontic care has on an individual’s mental wellness and the impression they make on other people. In truth, receiving quality orthodontic treatment is excellent for your mood, as well as your mouth!

According to a recent study paid for by Align Technology, manufacturer of Invisalign, and conducted by Kelton Global, having straight teeth improves self-confidence and life satisfaction and also positively impacts what others think of you.

The study asked individuals to report on their feelings about their appearance and confidence after receiving orthodontic treatment to correct their smiles. Respondents overwhelmingly reported a higher level of satisfaction with their appearance and a higher level of confidence, leading to better interpersonal relationships and overall happiness.

The findings of the study also suggest that having crooked teeth has a negative impact on a person’s social life and how they are perceived by others. Approximately one out of three respondents said that a person’s teeth is the first characteristic they notice. And 24% of respondents said that this is also the facial feature they are most likely to remember after meeting someone. When teeth were straight, they reported remembering the person’s face, and overall personality, in a more positive light.

Increasingly, a straight and healthy smile seems to be a priority among many Americans. Nearly three out of five (almost 60% percent) of respondents reported they would prefer to have a “nice smile” over clear skin. And almost 90% of the respondents claimed they would happily completely give up something pleasant, such as dessert or vacations, for a full year if it meant they could then have straight teeth for the rest of their life.

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