Here’s something to beam about: according to recent research, flashing your pearly whites makes you look younger, feel less stressed and more upbeat and can even help you to have healthier relationships. Are you smiling yet? In case you need further encouragement, here are 5 proven ways that smiling will improve your quality of life.

  1. Smiling Releases Endorphins
    Smiling boosts your mood by releasing endorphins (the chemicals in the body that make you happier). Endorphins also kick in when you run or work out, but isn’t it way easier just to put on a happy face to feel great?
  2. Smiling is Highly Contagious
    Smiling is naturally contagious due to the synapse activity that instantly occurs in the brain when people see other people smiling. So, even when a situation isn’t going well, if you can muster up a smile, other people probably will, too.
  3. Smiling Decreases Stress Levels
    You may not think to smile during times of stress, but it turns out that doing so has major health benefits. Studies indicate that people recovering from a stressful time who manage to put on a smile (even if they have to force it) showed lower heart rates than those who were frowning or even holding a neutral facial expression.
  4. Smiling Boosts Immunity
    Smiling improves the body’s immune system because it actually causes white blood cells to increase their fight against toxins and illness. Studies conducted on a hospitalized population that was made to smile at least once each hour showed increased white blood cell counts compared to a population that was not made to smile.
  5. Smiling Makes You More Attractive to Others
    Smiling at another person conveys that you have a positive personality, that you’re open and that you are understanding of others. These traits just happen to be the same ones that people indicate boost attractivity. One more great reason to paste on a grin!

Now that you know just how beneficial smiling is, we hope you’ll be encouraged to turn every frown upside down! If you’re looking to improve your teeth and your smile, the professionals at Pavlik Orthodontics are here to help. Give us a call today to schedule a complimentary initial consultation (352) 376-5055.