What Exactly is the Practice of Orthodontics?

The field of Orthodontics is a specialization of dentistry that focuses on correcting irregularities with teeth positioning and jaw alignment, as well as malformed mouth closure. Orthodontic treatment aids in:

  • Correcting improper bite
  • Closing teeth gaps
  • Straightening crooked teeth
  • Improvement of speech and ease of eating
  • Improvement of overall oral health

What Is an Improper Bite?

A malformed bite is the most common type of orthodontic problem; it typically includes crooked, misaligned teeth that don’t meet correctly when the mouth is closed. The condition can be caused by jaws and teeth not developing properly during childhood, an oral injury or even by childhood thumbsucking.

While an improper bite only has a direct impact on oral health in rare cases, it does affect the facial shape and the overall appearance of your teeth. An improper bite that goes untreated can cause a lack of self confidence, feelings of embarrassment or humiliation and has even been linked to depression. If the oral problem is particularly bad, it can affect speech, the ability to eat and can also make it more difficult to maintain a clean and healthy mouth.

How Can Proper Orthodontic Care Help Me?

Orthodontists are specially trained to treat patients with malformed bites and other medical issues that impact the positioning of teeth and jaws. In simple terms, proper orthodontic care and treatment involves fitting patients with braces that cause teeth to move slowly into the correct position over time. Other oral appliances may also be utilized to keep spaces in the mouth open until teeth erupt properly, or to control thumbsucking or other detrimental oral habits.

This has been a very simple overview of the practice of orthodontics and the ways in which it can help patients suffering from oral health problems. To find out more about how orthodontic care may be able to help improve your smile (and your life!) give the professionals at Pavlik Orthodontics a call today, (352) 376-5055. We’ll schedule a free consultation to get you started on the path to healthier, straighter teeth!